It didn’t take long, in my early career as an Executive Search consultant, to realise that most people go through life being defined by what is on their business card. When you meet them they say, ‘I am a …’ or ‘I work for …’ What they cannot do, is tell you who they really are or what they really do.

Today, with ever increasing poor mental health and where people not only change companies but change entire roles and sectors, with no guaranteed transitional interventions, knowing who you are and what you want out of life is a necessary skill to acquire if you wish to be truly happy, fulfilled and feel that life has meaning.

With change seeming to be the only constant these days, from leaving school, university, an institution, getting married, getting divorced, coping with bereavement, change of career, etc. there are too many people who feel stuck in a rut, that their life has no direction or purpose, are pressured into following the crowd, being told what to do, doing things that will keep other people happy, accepting second best or eventually giving up and accepting our lot.  Such approaches to change in our lives are stressful and, if badly managed, can upset both our psychological and physical well-being.

And so, from my early twenties to now, I have studied the various aspects of psychology and philosophy to help people create ‘positive’ change by gaining clarity on who they really are, what they really want out of life and how they can achieve their goals. My hunger to learn has never left me, and I am a ‘mature’ PhD student researching career transitions.

I love what I do, working individually, or in small groups on behalf of organisations, and have never lost the enjoyment in meeting new people, learning more about them, and hearing that what I do is unique, and seriously adds value to people’s lives. If you think I can help you, or your organisation, why not give me a call to discuss, 07884 365 054 or email