Diversity & Inclusion Programmes.

How do you measure the success of your Diversity & Inclusion agenda? In addition to reviewing your recruitment processes, one approach is to look at the gap between recruitment and retention, as well as analysing how happy employees from diverse backgrounds are within your organisation.

Recruitment: Successful companies know the value of employing people who represent a diverse customer base and some deeply believe in the moral duty to provide opportunities for people who are often overlooked in the recruitment process. But it’s often in that process that the first barriers to employment exist. On-line application processes, are by their very nature, process-driven and their aim is to put people in boxes to judge their potential suitability to a role. So immediately there exists a problem for someone who is perceived to be ‘different’. For they are not easily ‘boxed’ and as a result, they remain within the margins of suitability.

Additionally, despite huge progress being made to offer people from diverse backgrounds an opportunity to ‘shine’ through open days, guaranteed interviews and collaborative working with charities etc, if they have not been helped to identify their value, worth, potential and suitability, they are often being set up to fail.

Post-Recruitment:  It is important to recognise that ‘reasonable adjustments’ to working environments should not be limited to physical structures. There is often a wide gap between the number of people from diverse backgrounds who are employed, and who remain happily employed for a decent amount of time. Often this occurs due to the fact that a high number of people, from diverse backgrounds, are employed due to their situation and their authentic capabilities and personal ambitions are often overlooked. This is due to both parties failing to recognise the skills, talents and motivations of the employee.

Nicholas delivers a two-day workshop or one-to-one coaching, to help recently employed staff to realise their true capabilities, to see the value their life experiences can give their employer and to visualise their career goals. He equips individuals with an ability to critically analyse and understand their motivations, behaviours, values, blind spots, strengths, weaknesses, and any factors that are preventing them from achieving more, which raises confidence levels and self-esteem.

He also works with businesses to review their recruitment practices and make recommendations to help enhance their potential to employ, and retain, talent from diverse backgrounds.

Previous clients have noticed:

  • Improved performance and career success
  • Improved recruitment processes
  • Reduced turnover of staff
  • Increased loyalty to an employer 
  • Enhanced personal branding
  • More effective Leadership
  • Better relationship management amongst colleagues, clients and senior staff
  • Better personal health and well-being

Why not give me a call on 07884 365 054, or email, nh@transperformance.net to discuss your needs.

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