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For executives, especially next generation leaders, the secret of success for them, their teams and their organisation is to be able to quickly assess their own personality, perspectives, and performance accurately. This allows them to constantly re-align and fine tune their actions to make them more effective and focused.

Most executive coaching focuses on analysing past and current actions rather than understanding why and how those actions were taken and if they could have been managed better.  For effective and rapid leadership to occur executives must be deeply self-aware, knowing precisely what unique talents, values, strengths, behaviour and intrinsic motivations they possess. Aligning how tasks are carried out to an individual’s authentic values and purpose can significantly improve individual performance and also enhances the ability to inspire others and generate wider life satisfaction, personal well-being and organisational positivity.

Despite its direct link with high performance and career success, the development of accurate self-assessment and awareness is rare, with only 10% of mid-senior executives having this skill.  If these skills are developed by organisations early there are multiple benefits across the holistic spectrum of an individual’s life such as:

  • Improved performance and career success
  • Increased loyalty to an employer 
  • Enhanced personal branding
  • More effective Leadership
  • Better relationship management amongst colleagues, clients and senior staff
  • Better personal health and well-being

Despite many progressive and successful organisations realising that such personal development has a good return on investment, much executive coaching fails to deliver the potential benefits due to being  impersonal, quick fix, process-driven and delivered in a way that clients are ‘told’ who they are, often by computer-based psychometrics.  This approach fails to allow individuals to secure meaningful and authentic personal insight, it fails often to examine one’s blind-spots, and doesn’t allow the individual to apply their insight to their own unique challenges. The result is a veneer of “coaching” which fails to realise the individual’s full potential.  

Nicholas Harrison delivers something different.  His coaching, underpinned by the Transperformance philosophy  combining real-life experience, psychology and philosophy, is developed either one-to-one or in small groups.  It equips individuals with an ability to critically analyse and understand their motivations, behaviours, values, blind spots, strengths, weaknesses, and any factors that are preventing them from achieving more. It helps them recognise the full picture, the why and how of being successful and not just the desired outcome, i.e. what.

A large number of individuals and employers have benefited from the personal and in-depth development provided through Nicholas through acquiring a greater sense of clarity, purpose, confidence and ambition. This maximises return on investment of his coaching unlike much executive coaching through optimising individual performance to optimise organisational performance.

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