Group Workshops

Despite its direct link with high performance, decision making, conflict and relationship management, career success and psychological well-being, the development of accurate self-assessment and awareness is rare. A mere 10% of mid-senior executives are genuinely ‘Self-Aware’.

Most ‘personal development’ and ‘executive coaching’ focuses on analysing past and current actions, without understanding why such actions occurred through appreciating the values, behaviour and motivations of individuals.

On a Transperformance workshop, delivered over two days or four half days, participants become more self-aware, learning exactly what unique combination of talents, values, strengths, behaviour and passions they possess, identifying blind-spots, weaknesses, biases, and discovering where their true energy lies.

This is achieved, not through computer-based assessments, but by engaging in teaching, discussion and exercises in small groups which allows participants to gain a deeper and clearer understanding of who they are, what they do and what they want to achieve.

Please click here to see the Self-Awareness Traits Table

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