Mid – Senior Level Executive Counselling.

Do you remember your Maslow, the Hierarchy of Needs? By the time you have reached your mid-career, anytime from your 40’s onwards, you will more than likely have achieved the basic needs in life. But for many people doubt starts to creep in, and thoughts leap into one’s mind such as; ‘Am I living the life I was supposed to, or the one I truly want to?’ ‘What has it all been for?’ ‘Is there more to life than this?’ ‘The children have grown up, is it now time for me?’

Having these thoughts is completely normal, but if you don’t pause for a moment and give yourself time to reflect and ‘permission’ to ask these questions, that’s when things can become difficult.

I work with such clients usually on a one-to-one basis, in an informal, relaxed and completely confidential setting. During our time together, we can start to think about your motivations, behaviours, and think about talents and values that may, due to work commitments, have slipped off the priority list. It’s a time to think about who you really are, as opposed to who you have become through a continued process of conditioning. Often started at birth conditioning can continue throughout your life. Some clients have said to me, ‘I looked in the mirror one day, wondering who I had become’…

Through conversation, we re-evaluate what matters and help you to unravel that mental ball of string so you can prioritise and identify what makes you, as well as those close to you, happier.

This all starts with an initial conversation, so give me a ring at any time that suits you on 07884 365 054 or email nh@transperformance.net and we can have a non-committed and relaxed conversation.

A FTSE 100 Divisional Director: I engaged with Nicholas to help me clarify and define my personal statement through looking in detail at my values, talents and skills. The two-day, one-to-one workshop was outstanding and really helped me open my eyes to understand my core strengths and desires and define my values to an employer or business. Nicholas has a very relaxed yet encouraging approach that, combined with his experience and knowledge, made me feel comfortable to really open up, enabling the true ‘me’ to be unravelled. – Fantastic coach; I would recommend Nicholas for his approach, manner and course content.”

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