Military Resettlement

For over 12 years, I have been helping service-leavers and former members of the armed forces to find not just ‘a’ job, but a suitable start to a career in the civilian world.

In 2008, I set up a charity called Soldier On! that delivered my training specifically to medically downgraded and discharged service personnel and was invited to advise both the setting up of the Defence Recovery Capability and Lord Ashcroft’s Veterans Transition Review.

I am no longer running the charity, having handed over to a Serjeant who was wounded in Iraq, thus ensuring one of the very people I set out to support was entrusted with the charity I had set up. However, I deliver the personal development training for the charity, both through a two-day workshop and in the field on archaeology sites!

In my private practice, I continue to support a high number of service-leavers, mainly Senior Non-Commissioned Officers and Officers, although not exclusively.

What makes me different to the many, many ex-military specialists? I am told, it is firstly that I offer a personal touch, and make an effort to really get to know my clients, and secondly, it’s due to the fact that I recognise that when most clients come to me, they do so because they have tried the usual routes only to have felt despondent when they are asked, ‘What is it you want to do?’ For many of my clients that’s the main problem, they don’t know what they want to do, and the secret is to start with ‘Who?’ not ‘What?’ Before worrying about roles, sectors, salaries, locations etc, or before wandering down the rather crowded routes because you were told you would be ideally sited, I suggest to my clients that the starting point is to reacquaint yourself with your authentic vision, mission and purpose in life. That’s markedly different by the way to you fulfilling the military’s vision, mission and purpose!

Through one-to-one sessions I can usually help someone in around seven sessions, delivered wither face-to-face or via WhatsApp/phone. You may want to read a piece I wrote with some advice for service-leavers and please don’t hesitate from ringing me or emailing to discuss your situation. 07884 365 054 or

A former army officer: “Nicholas offers a remarkable service to those leaving the military. He offers a truly personal service, based on his own rigorous methodology and coupled with a willingness to challenge your assumptions . Ensuring you leave with a deep understanding of your motivation, talents, and transferable skills as well as a better understanding of roles outside the more well-travelled ex-military career paths. Most importantly he understands the military psyche and the unique challenge of finding the right role after a highly rewarding military career.”

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