Progressive organisations invest heavily in delivering pathways to help staff find alternative employment when necessary. It makes complete sense to support such people, not only to thank them for their service to your organisation, but also to maintain morale levels amongst those who remain.

There was a time when I thought outplacement services were really becoming something special but sadly, like so many things within the professional development world clients were beguiled by cheap and quick-fix solutions. Not long ago I spoke to an outplacement company about my services only for them to say, “If someone comes to us on Friday afternoon, we’ll have them in a job interview by Monday!” That’s quite a claim for a high-street recruiter to make, but for an outplacement professional to say it filled me with dread!

If you want someone to understand who they really are, to know what capabilities they possess and to realise from where comes their intrinsic motivations and how they affect behaviour, you cannot manage all that and have them ready for an interview in 48 hours!

Nicholas works with organisations to ensure those people who have to leave your employment, primarily due to redundancy, are looked after during a highly stressful period and feel that they are still valued by you. More practically, I will help them to believe in themselves, to prepare for their next steps along the employment journey, and to make a plan that gives them a sense of control. They become the architects of their own futures and start to feel hope for the future.

The two-day course, following the Transperformance steps of Self-Awareness, Self-Direction and Self-Presentation, can really help people in this situation. If people need additional help, I can come back and deliver follow-up sessions on a one-to-one basis.

If you need a totally different outplacement service then give me a call and we can have a discreet conversation to establish your needs. 07884 365 054 or nh@transperformance.net

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