Personal-injury return to work

Clearly you don’t need me, or anyone else, telling you how you must feel when your chosen career path is at risk due to an illness or injury. What I would say however, is that some good can come out of this time. When the decision has been made for you, this removes both responsibility as well as the dilemma of choosing what will happen to you but it does leave you with wonderful possibilities from re-evaluating your life and choosing your future.

I have extensive experience of working with people whose beliefs about what they planned to do in life have been challenged. The key thing now, is to take a step back and rather than stressing about finding a job, start by thinking about who you are and where do you genuinely wish to go?

There are many schemes to help people return to work after loosing your job on medical grounds but, in my experience, many require you to know what you want to do, and for the majority of my clients answering that has been the first hurdle. “I always thought I was going to do…”, “I hadn’t planned to change jobs now”, or, “So I’ve got the compensation, now what?!?”

I work with individuals, and deliver support on behalf of charities, government organisations as well as businesses who wish to support former employees going through this experience.

The most important thing to ensure, is that you are employed because of your capabilities and not because of your situation. Too many clients came to me having secured a job because a business wished to employ a disabled person, and after a short time, that individual found themselves unchallenged, unstimulated and unmotivated.

So if you are going through this situation now, or know someone who is, why not contact me and see if I can help. or 07884 365 054.

“When I was awarded the personal injury pay out, I thought I’d be happy. It had been a long and tough journey getting to this time. But I actually felt an overwhelming sense of fear, that I was now alone again, with no solicitor to speak to regularly, no project to keep my mind focused. Then I met Nicholas who guided and supported me both emotionally and practically. Due entirely to his efforts, I no longer wish my life was different or that I had never been injured. Despite being physically different, Nicholas helped me to understand the greatest lesson in life, that ‘I’ had not changed, my soul, my spirit, my energy, it was all there, it just had to be used in a different way.”  –A road traffic crash survivor.

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