Retirement planning

The average life expectancy in the UK is 80 years, leaving the lucky ones who make it that long with plenty of time on their hands in retirement.

For many people, coming up to retirement is a time of mixed emotions, the prevailing thought being, ‘What am I going to do with my time?”  A thought that needs some consideration, if we are to reward ourselves with a happy retirement. For previous generations, it was a time of simply watching the clock tick away one’s last few years of life, usually the clock had been a leaving gift following 40 years of service to the same firm. Nowadays, many people wake up to the reality that they now have an opportunity to live the life they really want to, not one they were compelled to through financial, family or situational necessity and for many, the dawn of this new phase starts with questioning, ‘who am I?’

Retirement today should be a hugely rewarding and exciting time, but for many, however much freedom you now have, the same question arises over and over again, “What do I want to do?”

I have helped businesses to offer a retirement planning service and have helped individuals who want to get the most out of this period of transition. Through discussion, some exercises and teaching, you will identify how you wish to live, what your goals are, and how you are going to fill your time.

Please contact me on or 07884 365 054 to discuss a plan, either for yourself, or for your employees who are soon to retire.

“When I started in HR, some twenty years ago now, friends joked that the only time I would see my employees was to welcome them, discipline them or sack them. Well, I know this is certainly not the case. However, one thing that concerned me was what happens to people who retire from the company? Were we doing enough to thank them for their service and ensure we played our part in their settling into a happy life post-employment. I was introduced to Nicholas Harrison, who has been working with us ever since to deliver our retirement planning course, and its been a huge success! Not only do people leave now with a plan, but having such training gives younger employees reassurance that we really do care about their welfare” – HR Director

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