Consulting For individual clients:

Through one-to-one consultations, you will learn how to find answers to some of life’s truly difficult questions such as, ‘Who am I?’, ‘Is there more to life than this?’, ‘Am I going in the right direction?’, ‘What’s my purpose?’, ‘What are my life goals?’- You will gain a clearer picture of who you are, identify what you really want out of life and live with a greater sense of meaning and fulfilment.

I don’t offer a generic, sheep-dip, or process-drive approach, I don’t do computer based assessments, and won’t rush you through a process-driven course.  Every client is different, so the first thing I will do is listen.  After that, together, through confidential discussions, and where suitable, some exercises, we will challenge your assumptions, think about how other people see you, and together, find out what is your authentic vision, mission and purpose.  What clients say makes all the difference to them, is the personal touch.

Consulting and Workshops For Organisations:

The secret of success, for employees, at all levels, is to be able to quickly, and accurately, assess their own personality, perspectives and performance so that they can constantly realign and fine tune their actions to make them more effective and focused.

Despite its direct link with high performance and career success, the development of accurate self-assessment and awareness is rare, a mere 10% of mid-senior executives having this skills.

Most ‘executive coaching’ focuses on what is happening and what happened, rather than understanding why those actions were taken and if they could have been better.  For effective and rapid leadership, of both a team and of oneself, executives must be self-aware, knowing exactly what unique talents, values, strengths, behaviour and passions they possess.  The alignment of these can significantly improve individual performance via matching work to individual authentic values and purpose. In addition, such ‘congruence’ enhances the ability to inspire others.

Areas of  expertise

Mid-senior level executive counselling

Leadership & Management Training

Diversity & Inclusion Programmes

Graduate Schemes


Student Careers Advice

Military Resettlement

Retirement Planning

Personal-injury return to work