Whilst I prefer to maintain confidentiality and won’t divulge my clients by name, I have worked with a range of Schools, Universities, UK Government, leading businesses (from SME level through to FTSE 100), professional sportsmen and women, and charities to name a few.

An Engineer: ” I cannot recommend Nicholas’s courses highly enough, as they deliver fantastic results, but the key point in all of this is Nicholas.  His conscientious approach and demeanour, coupled with his detailed knowledge and expert touch is what really allows him to deliver such fantastic results, and I cannot thank him enough for his ongoing support and mentoring long after the course finished.”

A senior Army officer: “Transperformance is the gold standard of career guidance which lasts a lifetime and for all the help, support and mentoring I will always be grateful.

An airline pilot: “His passion to make a difference in the lives of all of us who were working with him was infectious, and it really brought out the best in me. His method of honest storytelling, and thought-provoking tasks and questioning, aimed to seek out who I was as an individual rather than simply identify my learnt skill sets.”

A job-seeker: “Nicholas offers a bespoke and fresh approach to lifestyle management, career change and interview technique that has been absolutely invaluable to me. His thought provoking Transperformance course and expert coaching has been instrumental in helping me identify what I want from my life and career and helped me walk straight into my ideal job.”

A Fin Tech Executive: “I reached out to Nicholas for support who gave me the courage to challenge preconceived notions of what I was capable of or should be doing, opening up the ‘What and Why’ of my career. Nicholas gave me the self-confidence and ability to talk authentically and credibly about what I offered the work place. Unlike traditional careers advice, the process took time, but it was thorough, challenging and most-importantly enlightening.”

A FTSE 100 Divisional Director: I engaged with Nicholas to help me clarify and define my personal statement through looking in detail at my values, talents and skills. The two-day, one-to-one workshop was outstanding and really helped me open my eyes to understand my core strengths and desires and define my values to an employer or business. Nicholas has a very relaxed yet encouraging approach that, combined with his experience and knowledge, made me feel comfortable to really open up, enabling the true ‘me’ to be unravelled. – Fantastic coach; I would recommend Nicholas for his approach, manner and course content.”